Andrum, Indrum, Endrum MSV - felicitation to melisai mannar M.S.VISWANATHAN by presenting 'GEETHAMUDHRA' award and Endrun iniya MSV hits by Sridhar Navraags

Mellisai Mannar M.S.Viswanathan was honoured in a grand function by Mudhra on 19th September in recognition of his outstanding contribution to film music. Dr.S.Jagathrakshagan, Honorable Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting conferred the "Geethamudhra" award on this living legend. Dr.Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti and A.Natarajan felicitated MSV. In his speech, Dr.Jagathrakshagan said that the songs of MSV stood the test of time and would remain for all times. He added that as he sat listening to MSV's songs sung by the orchestra, his eyes became moist and his heart was filled with emotions. Dr.Nalli recalled his fifty years of acquaintance with MSV and said that MSV-Kannadasan was an inseparable pair who had contributed gem compositions to film music. Natarajan too mentioned about the richness in the songs of MSV and that by honouring such a veteran, Mudhra was indeed honoring itself. MSV was choked with emotion when the overflowing audience in the hall gave him a standing ovation and he said in his speech, "the greatest award that I have received for my service to music is the appreciation of my rasikas and I am overwhelmed to see so many of them in this hall today." In fact, earlier, the Minister also made a remark that he was surprised to see the hall full of rasikas even though the function had been preponed by an hour due to his official commitments.

P.B.Sreenivos who graced the occasion said that if he was on stage today, receiving the applause and affection of so many fans, it was because of the opportunity created by MSV for him to sing so many beautiful songs. The highlight of the show was the moving gesture by Vani Jairam who came on stage and in her evergreen, vibrant voice did a "Geethamaala Samarpanam" to MSV by singing eight hit songs in a medley.All the songs she sang like Ezhu swarangal, Pongum Kadal osai, Ninaivaale silaiseidu unakkaga vaithen etc. brought tears into the eyes of every rasika in the auditorium. .How she is able to maintain the same voice quality even at this age is really unbelievable! Especially when she took the high pitched song Pongum kadal Osai and created minute vibrations through her crystal clear voice, the range traversed was unbelievable. The best part of it was the smooth transition from one song to another, all without the aid of any Sruti in the background!

Sridhar Navraags troupe presented some golden hits of MSV and all the singers did an excellent presentation, very near to the original version of the greats like PBS, Susila, TMS, Vani Jairam etc. The grand finale which really shook the audience and left unforgettable memories of the programme was the song from the film Karnan sung by Kovai Murali. The success of the programme was evident in the faces of the audience who left really happy with very fond memories of the "Golden Era of Film Music" created by the living legend MSV through his innumerable, unforgettable melodies.

Truly, the evening's programme titled " Andrum, Indrum, Endrum MSV" bore testimony to the fact that MSV and his music will live for all times.