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Kutcheri Competition (Introduced in 2015)

Mudhra has been a pioneer in innovating several new concepts in Music concerts and introduced another unique project - KUTCHERI COMPETITION, a competition for aspiring, young performers who want to make a distinct mark in the Karnatic field as outstanding artists.
This competition is for the age group 20 - 30 years and One Best Performer in VOCAL and one best VIOLIN & MRUDANGAM accompaniment is selected.
Those who wish to participate need to submit a audio CD/ DVD of their live performance of minimum 1 ½ hours duration. A panel of judges evaluate it and the selected contestants are asked to perform a live concert of 2 hours duration in the month of July in Mudhra Music Studio, along with accompaniments.
There are judges on the spot and also those watching the concert through webcast, spread across different places and countries. This webcast is also aired live for the viewers.

The winners are awarded the title ”SANGEETHA MUDHRA”, cash prize and also a Prime slot during Mudhra's December Music Festival. The Best Vocal performer is accompanied by some top accompanists for their concert. Similarly, the winners as best accompaniments get to accompany a top artist in the Mudhra Music Fest.

For details contact : during the month of May
Semi finals : Audio evaluation by judges .. this will happen in June
FINALS : 2 hours live concert evaluation by judges -.. this will happen July.

Kutcheri Competition