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Mudhra Music Studio: a Multipurpose Studio

It is basically a compact video recording studio which has all facilities of video recording for live music concerts, talk shows and presentations. MMS can be used for archiving workshops, lecture demonstrations and so on. This Studio also has all the features of multi track audio recording. It accommodates space for audience also. A small group of 15 people can listen at the time of live recording. This studio has 3 camera setup with good lighting. Total area is 450 sq ft which has dressing and wash room facilities also. Car parking facility available.

The studio has live webcast facility. Programmes can be video recorded as well as webcast live through internet so that people can watch any where in the world. This can be used as mini preview theatre. All these studio facilities can be utilized for any project by any one on rental basis.

It has a unique Video editing suite for post production with skilled persons. It helps the art community to preserve their valuable productions for posterity by producing documentaries on eminent personalities and also create new concepts for various live and media presentations.

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