Mudhra Bhaskar is a rare combination of a cultural organizer, mridangam artist, producer, designer and printer.

A multifaceted personality with a clear vision, meticulous planning, perfect execution and presentation, Bhaskar strives to achieve excellence in his chosen fields. As the Founder Secretary of the organization Mudhra, he has created a sensation among cultural organizations within a short span of time by introducing thought provoking, novel and innovative projects in the field of Carnatic music. Mudhra Bhaskar has a number of achievements to his credit. Mudhra which was started in 1995 by Bhaskar and Radha Bhaskar with a motto to blend entertainment and education in fine arts has indeed become a cultural movement.

Mudhra Bhaskar has been a pioneer in reviving the traditional four hour concert which has always had an overwhelming response from the audience. Bhaskar also introduced several novel concepts. Till date, Mudhra has 37 innovative concepts to its credit. Mudhra conducted many festivals like the One Raga-One Kriti festival, Kalpita Festival, Tala Festival, Pallavi Festival, Tamil Art Festival, Janaka-Janya Festival, Pallavi Festival, Tukkada festival, Veena festival, Namasankeerthanam festival, Drama festival, Anubhav Festival, Chithirai Isai Vizha, Navaratri Vaibhavam apart from December Fine arts festival which now spans about 30 days of variety fare. Mudhra Bhaskar has organized several One Day Seminars on topics like Talas and Tala Vadyas, Microphones in concerts, Stalwarts of Yesteryears, Media and Music, tradition and innovation in music and so on. Kutcheri Competition is another concept which was introduced to promote talented young musicians of 20 to 30 years age from 2015.

Mudhra Bhaskar along with his wife Dr.Radha Bhaskar has devised a very unique “Music Appreciation Programme” where in a methodical manner, rasikas are enlightened about the nuances of the Karnatic music system. This programme has been much appreciated and rasikas have attended them in large numbers.

Every year, Bhaskar brings out the much acclaimed Music Planner - cum Directory containing complete database of musicians and music related personalities all over the globe. Bhaskar is also the Associate Editor of the widely popular fine arts magazine Samudhra, which is creatively designed and printed by him.

He is first person to introduced Gazhals in Tamil in the year 1999, penned and composed by Dr.P.B.Sreenivos and sung by O.S.Arun.

As a mridangam artist, Mudhra Bhaskar is an accomplished Mridangam vidwan with concert experience of over 42 years. He started learning mridangam from Shri. Mannargudi A. Easwaran and has a vast experience in the field of Carnatic music. He has accompanied many concerts by eminent artistes all over India and abroad. He also had his advance training in mrudangam for a few years from Guru Shri.Karaikudi R.Mani and Thiruvarur Shri. Bakthavatsalam. He had his arangetram(debut concert) in 1980 at Thiagaraja Vidwath Samajam, Chennai.

In his academic pursuit, Mudhra Bhaskar is a B.Com Degree holder and has also completed a Master's Degree in Rhythmology.

Mudhra Bhaskar has accompanied Senior artists like Dr.K.J.Yesudas, R.Vedavalli, O.S.Thiagarajan, Neyveli Santhanagopalan, Ranjani and Gayathri(violin duet), T.M.Krishna, Sanjay Subramaniam, Jayanthi Kumaresh, Vijay Siva, Veena B.Kannan, E.Gayathri, Dr.Lokanatha Sarma, Suguna Purushothaman, Prapancham Dr.Seetharaman, Dr.Nagamani Srinath, Sukanya Prabakar, Malladi Brothers, Nagai Muralidharan and many more vidwans and vidushis.He coordinated and participated in the one of its kind 108 mridangam music ensemble at Mysore lead by Thiruvarur Bakthavatsalam.

He coordinated and participated in the one of its kind 108 mridangam music ensemble at Mysore lead by Thiruvarur Bakthavatsalam.

Mudhra Bhaskar is a much sought after mrudangam vidhwan because of his fine aesthetic approach to music and his subtle and sensitive accompaniment. The way he nourishes the music and travels along with the main performer as a team makes every concert a grand treat to the audience.

Served as District Chairperson- Fine Arts in Lions Club International in the 2007 and conducted group singing programme in Corporation Schools. He has also conducted blood camps during his tenure.

Every year, Mudhra Bhaskar brings out the much acclaimed Music Planner - cum Directory containing complete database of musicians and music related personalities all over the globe. This is a unique compilation that is a ready reckoner to the entire art fraternity.

Mudhra Bhaskar served as an Associate Editor, designer and printer for the monthly fine arts magazine Samudhra, which was edited by his wife Dr.Radha Bhaskar & published for 18years.

As a Producer and Editor, Mudhra Bhaskar produced documentaries on music legends (Vandanam) and stage veterans (Nawabi Irundu Naveena Varai). He has also produced eight episodes programme for Podhigai TV titled “Andrum Indrum Endrum MSV” which was a tribute to Mellisai Mannar M.S.Viswanathan. Mudhra Bhaskar has directed and produced “ Laya Samudhra” - 52 episodes for Podhigai Television exclusively on Rhythmic instruments and Talas. Mudhra Bhaskar has mastered the art of Video and Audio Editing with the latest available technology. His work has been appreciated by all in the music fraternity.

As a Founder Trustee of Paalam, Mudhra Bhaskar is the pioneer to introducing Paalam Tv in 2013 with a concept of telecasting 52 week free webcast on all Sunday evenings for 4 hours. Now for the 10 years, it is progressing successfully.

In 2016, Paalam Radio (24x7) app was launched for the rasikas to hear good quality Karnatic music from their mobile , round the clock.. Nimmadhi - the dream project of Mudhra to take music to senior citizen homes was launched as part of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations recently. Through this, Mudhra aims to make music a close companion of the aged and help them do away with loneliness. For this, Paalam Radio and TV is being introduced to them, so that they can get to hear good quality classical music all the time, in the comfort of their home.

Mudhra Bhaskar has built Mudhra Music Studio in Nungambakkam which felicitates Mudhra in conducting all its festival through the year for the benefit of rasikas in and outside Chennai through its paalam tv.

Mudhra Bhaskar established a printing unit in 1987 served the art community and big corporate companies with latest computer technology, offset printing for 30 years and carved a niche by it outstanding quality in printing.

Some important awards and titles received

  1. Best Senior mridangam Vidwan award from Indian fine arts society (1986)
  2. Best mridangam Artists Award from Krishna Gana Sabha(1991)
  3. Kala Sevak Award from Maharajapuram Santhanam Trust (2005)
  4. Kala Seva Bharathi from Bharat Kalachar(2006)
  5. Sabha Bhushan from Bairavi fine arts (2007)
  6. LayavidyadharaAward from Irai Pani Mandram (2009)
  7. Kalarathna Award from Sri Ragam Fine Arts (2010)
  8. Karthick fine arts Golden Jubilee award (2011)
  9. MGR Excellence Award from RadhuAkademy(2011)
  10. Life time achievement award from The Mylapore Academy(2012)
  11. Dasa Kala Rathna from Sri Purandara Dasa Samajam Trust (2012)
  12. Laya Vidyarnava Nandi Dasa from Nandhikeswar Tala Vidhyalaya (2019)
  13. Kala Seva Vipanchee from Vipanchee (2019)
  14. Srivani Award from Srivani Centre for Performing arts(2020).
  15. Seva Ratna from Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana Committee(2020)
  16. Isai Valar Nayakar from ISAI (2023).