Panel Discussion - Alasal


Alasal – a panel discussion on the present and future trends in drama was presented by eminent personalities like SVeSekhar, TV Varadharajan, Alitalia Rajamani,Kathadi Rammurthy, V.S.Raghavan.

Panel discussion on Role of Pallavi


Panel discussion : " Role of Pallavi in present day concerts"
Participants : T.R.Subramaniam, Dr.M.B.Vedavalli, S.A.K.Durga, Rajshri Sripathy, Calcutta Jairaj, Varalakshmi Anandakumar.
Coordinator : Radha Bhaskar Popular Pallavis by Gayathri Girish
Role of accompaniment for Pallavi - a discussion by M.A.Sundaresan & V.Suresh

Interactive session on Janaka Janaya Ragas


Noted musicians S.Rajam and T.R.Subramaniam made a very informative presentation on the concept of Janaka- janya ragas in karnatic music and explained them in detail with suitable examples. This was held at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai.

Panel discussion on “Is theoretical knowledge essential for listening to music?“

This was organized by Mudhra at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan and the participants were Thyagarajan, Jaisree jairaj, Naresh Purushotham, Anand Subramaniam.