Music Appreciation Programme – First 7 days programme - Nungambakkam

May 2004

Appreciating any art requires an understanding of its form and content. There is a general lament that audience for Karnatic music is limited because of a lack of understanding of the system. With a view to remedy this problem, Mudhra Bhaskar thought of devising the “Music Appreciatiopn Programme” wherein rasikas would be enlightened about the finer nuances of Karnatic music. Dr.Radha Bhaskar in turn devised a syllabus keeping in mind the requirements of a music rasika.Power point presentations were made and practical demonstration was given to explain various topics.

The first session, a week long course consisting of two hours session per day as organized at the Chandrasekhara Saraswathi hall, Nungambakkam where over 50 rasikas participated and joined the journey of experiencing the beauty of Karnatic music. Tilakavathi, IPS was one of the keen participants.

The session covered topics like – salient features of Karnatic music, raga, tala, compositions, manodharma aspects etc. Dr.Radha was also joined by T.V.Ramprasadh, Kandadevi Vijayraghavan, Ghatam V.Suresh, Mudhra Bhaskar and VVS Mani who shared many interesting aspects of music and also made suitable demonstrations. The valedictory function was presided by A.Natarajan. Rasikas of all age groups attended the function and benefitted a lot from it. They also shared their appreciation at the valedictory function and thanked Mudhra for taking this unique initiative to help rasikas understand our music better. The participants were given certificates of appreciation.

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