Music Appreciation, Singapore

Aug 2012

With a view to enlighten the Karnatic music lovers, a Music Appreciation Programme was organized at Singapore by Dr.Radha Bhaskar. The event had very earnest rasikas who were keen to know more about Karnatic music. Dr.radha, in a simple and lucid style illustrated the definition of music, its connection with our society and culture, music as a language in itself, different forms of music like folk, devotional, film and classical and then went on to xcplain the salient features of Karnatic music. An interactive session followed where the audience asked pertinent questions which were suitably answered by Dr.Radha. Vandana & R.Gopalakrishnan, who are themselves avid music lovers, oganised the event in a very meticulous manner. Mudhra Bhaskar coordinated the whole event.