BVB, Coimbatore - Tamil composers

Jan 2008

As part of its Pongal Music Festival, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore organized a presentation on Tamil Composres by Dr.Radha Bhaskar. She covered a whole gamut of composers from Andal to Rukmini Ramani (daughter of Papanasam Sivan) in January 2007. In her presentation, Radha highlighted the contribution of each Tamil composer with special focus on Papanasam Sivan who has enriched Karnatic music with a wide variety of songs on various deities. She also highlighted the marathon contribution of Koteeswra Iyer in composing kritis in Tamil on Lord Muruga in all the 72 melakarthas. She rounded off with the contemporary composers lalgudi Jayaraman and Rukmini Ramani’s compositions.

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